Protect Life

Fred knows life is a precious gift from God. Fred will fight to limit government, but always make protecting life his top priority.

Respect Liberty.

Fred appreciates the freedoms we have as Americans and teaches his daughter to accept the responsibility our freedom comes with.

Defend our Rights.

Fred learned from his grandfather to respect the right to bear arms and understand protecting the Second Amendment is the best way to keep all the rest.

I am running for sheriff because we need to improve communications between police departments and schools to create active shooter policies before disaster becomes reality.

Proven Grassroots Activist

Fred has worked as a Bell County Republican Precinct Chairman and served as a delegate to the 2018 Republican Party of Texas Convention.

Experienced Law Man

Education: Fred has earned his Bachelor’s in Administration of Criminal Justice and a Master’s degree in Business/Strategic Leadership. Fred is also a Police Academy graduate with multiple license and training distinctions.
Manager: Fred worked for 12 years with the Texas Department of Criminal Justice where he managed budgets and operations for his section.
Detective: Fred now fights crime for the Killeen Police Department investigating homicides, kidnappings, and missing persons.

On day 1, I will declare Bell County a 2nd Amendment sanctuary and gun confiscation will NOT be allowed nor enforced!

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Years of Service

1 Goal

Serve his community!

2020 Election

Vote Fred Harris for BCSO

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